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UT Biotic provides 25 billion probiotics from seven strains known to be beneficial for urogenital health, plus 150mg of PACran™ cranberry extract per serving. 

  • Provides daily maintenance for urogenital health
  • Helps to ward off unwanted bacteria
  • Aids in restoration of bacterial balance 

Maintain urinary tract health with whole cranberry and carefully selected probiotic strains.

Recurrent urogenital infections occur when pathogenic bacteria invade the urinary tract. Since lactobacilli (probiotics) dominate the urogenital flora of healthy women, supporting the urogenital flora with probiotics may protect against infections. Probiotics prevent the colonization of pathogenic bacteria. UT Biotic contains cranberry extracts (PACran™), which are known to help resist E. coli adhesion, a common cause of infection in urogenital tissues. PACran™ provides a unique class of proanthocyanidins clinically shown to resist adhesion of unwelcome bacteria in the urinary tract.  

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