Flavonex 90 Capsules

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Internal: 2 to 3 capsules TID, between meals
90 capsules, 650mg
Contraindications: Use cautiously with Coumadin and other blood thinners.


Kudzu root* (ge gen), Mate leaf (Ilex paraguariensis), Chinese Salvia root* (dan shen), Japanese Honeysuckle flower* (jin yin hua), Eucommia bark* (du zhong), Grass-Leaf Sweetflag rhizome* (shi chang pu), Cistanche aerial* (rou cong rong), Fo-Ti root* (he shou wu), White Mulberry leaf* (sang ye), Rose Hips fruit* (jin ying zi), Lycium fruit (gou qi zi), Jujube seed* (suan zao ren), Dong Quai root* (dang gui), Schisandra berry* (wu wei zi), Ginkgo leaf* (yin xing ye); *extract


Flavonex is based on a combination of Chinese herbs rich in flavones, including a concentrated extract of ginkgo biloba (yin xing ye). Ginkgo is the subject of much research in Europe on its ability to affect cerebral and peripheral arterial insufficiency. The herbs are added to a base of famous Chinese herbs thought to prolong the life span and improve cerebral functions. Flavonex is designed to treat cardiovascular degeneration from high fat diets. Flavones, also present in fruits, grains, and leafy vegetables, are thought to maintain the integrity of capillaries. The formula also contains Chinese salvia root (dan shen) and Maté leaf (Ilex paraguariensis), which are noted for their heart and circulation-promoting properties.


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