Resinall E 60 Tablets

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Internal: 3 to 5 capsules three or more times per day, taken between meals. If digestive discomfort occurs, reduce dosage.
60 capsules, 650 mg, 7 day supply
Contraindications: Use with tonic formula if taking for more than two weeks; contraindicated during pregnancy


One capsule contains:

Enzymes: Bromelain 100mg, Rutin 100mg, Papain 50mg, Trypsin 50mg, Chymotrypsin 100mcg

Herbs (350mg):
Dragon’s Blood resin (xue jie), Tienchi root (san qi), Catechu herb (er cha), Corydalis rhizome (yan hu suo), Carthamus flower (hong hua), Myrrh resin (mo yao), Frankincense resin (ru xiang), Borneol resin (bing pian)

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